Braden’s LEO pontificates professorially at The Millennial Freemason

A typical L.E.O. at work.

Our new L.E.O., Matthew Gallagher, has posted his reflections on becoming the Lodge Education Officer despite having just fallen off the Freemason truck.  Bro. Matt’s got big shoes to fill from his predecessor, John Stitely, but he has the lodge’s well-wishes and his worshipful master’s confidence. It also doesn’t hurt to have such a fun, enthusiastic lodge.


I sat just left of the big chair in the East. I wore my most professorial outfit I could put together: a suit jacket over a dress shirt over a black tee, no tie, buttoned down, with blue jeans and sneakers. The look was more Greg House, M.D. than Noam Chomsky, but it served. I finished it off with a scarf around my neck and a pipe in my hand, which Worshipful Master Jesse Williams insisted I should hold tight-lipped in my mouth so I could nod professorially at all the profound thing’s he’d no doubt say.

You can read the rest HERE!


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