Meeting Notes: February 3rd, 2011

This Thursday we had an excellent Stated Meeting at Braden Lodge. Obviously I can’t discuss what happened, because everything is super duper secret.

Running the world is hard work.

However, I can point out a few highlights.

  • Remembering a traveling brother: W.B. Filemon A. AsuncionBraden lost a brother this week. We conducted a short ceremony in our departed brother’s honor.
  • Education from Paul McGhee: Brother McGhee, very active in Tai Chi and oriental medicine, gave an educational presentation on Men’s Heath that was extremely informative. The specific topic was four things anyone can do to reduce their mortality rate from any medical condition on Earth. It was an excellent presentation, and we hope to make it into a blog post very soon.
  • Education from Harvie Holmes: Brother Holmes, our resident brewer and beer judge, gave an excellent presentation entitled Making Good Beer Better in which he outlined four things one can do to improve the taste of their homebrew. We also hope to make this a blog post in the coming weeks.

The two pieces of education were serendipitously complementary.

Brothers Nick and Harvie at the Happy Gnome

The evening was rounded with an excellent dinner of potato leek soup cooked up by our master chef, Bro. David Potter, who has really reanimated the Braden kitchen and has been cranking out excellent lodge dinners for over a year now.

Finally, a few us us headed over to the Happy Gnome for beers, before heading home. For masons it doesn’t get much better than a night of excellent work, education, and fellowship.



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