The Working Tools of Communication at the Millennial Freemason

In his continuing effort to drag Masons kicking and screaming into the 21st century, LEO Matt Gallagher another guest post to the Millennial Freemason, this time on Internet Age Masonry: The Working Tools of Communication.

Here’s an excerpt:

How, or even whether we should promote Freemasonry is a topic of debate, but for those potential brothers who are already interested in becoming a Mason, what can they find out about your lodge? What gets them to knock on your door as opposed to any other lodge in the area?

Just as operative masons have dozens of tools to help them erect quality, functional buildings, the Internet provides hundreds of tools to help us erect quality, functional lodges, but these tools aren’t interchangeable. They each have a specific purpose. Here is a list of tools you have at your disposal to support awareness of your lodge, and how they are best utilized.

Check the rest out HERE!

Also, a big congratulations to Past Master Nick Johnson, proprietor of the Millennial Freemason on the birth of his son, Xavier!

Xavier is bald and can’t walk. No word on whether he has mental powers. All in all, though, I think the world is safe.


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