First, I was informed that the pics I posted of the gift WM Jesse is giving to Braden brothers this summer was not working, so I’ve fixed them (hopefully), and reposted the article: A Gift From the Worshipful Master to the Craft

Second, the Annual Valentine’s Dinner was a good time for all, though I haven’t been able to track down any pics yet.

Third, we welcomed a new brother, Benjamin Pedersen, into our ranks. I’ll make a post soon about this subject specifically.

Fourth, March 17th, we’re having what has become a recent tradition, a table lodge in celebration of our first degree. It will also be a bit of a St. Patrick’s Day event as well, but we also like repeating the First Degree lectures between courses, and there will be all the proper toasts, and such. It’s $10, open to any Entered Apprentice.

Fifth, it’s become another recent tradition at Braden Lodge that any time there’s a 5th Thursday in the month, we do a particular fellowship event. Our Bowling Night was the last one. This time it’s Movie Night! We cook up some hotdogs and pop some popcorn. Five bucks gets you all you can eat. Then we watch two or three flicks on a rather large wall.

More on some of this stuff later!


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