New Braden Facebook page!

Last month I wrote an article for our BFF site, The Millennial Freemason called Internet Age Masonry: The Working Tools of Communication, and here at Braden we’re having a drive to really increase our web presence. We’ve already got a Facebook group, but those are being re-purposed by the esteemed Mr. Zuckerberg, and while they still have their uses, Pages are fast becoming where it’s at.

The have the benefits of:

  • being indexed by search engines
  • being customizable with apps
  • updating directly to people’s news feeds

In many ways Facebook pages are one of the few pieces of internet real estate that actually reach out and touch potential members, increasing the size and robust health of freemasonry. It’s one of the most valuable tools in any lodges toolkit.

See ours here: Braden Lodge No. 168

And if you run a lodge, make your own, and connect it with as many other Minnesota lodges as possible. Only together do we prosper!


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