Matt Gallagher

Vital Stats

Matt and his trophy wife, Tipper

  • Name: Bro. Matt Gallagher
  • Secret Masonic Nickname: Hoops
  • Birthday: October 1977
  • Occupation: Freelance Writer
  • But wants to be a: Creative Media Consultant
  • Active in: Blue Lodge
  • Attends lodge: Most every week


Why did Matt become a Freemason?

I joined the Freemasons for a few reasons. I like retro things, and not just because I dig fezzes and bling, but I like to keep worthwhile things alive. I was also looking to incorporate more traditions in my life, find more good friends, plus I’ve got a few severe character flaws that I need to work on, and Masonry has already made me a much better man.

Thoughts about Braden 168?

Braden is, in short, exactly what I always wanted, but never thought, a Masonic lodge to be like. A group of guys my age who are interested in discussion, philosophy, friendship, and putting ritual into their lives.


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