Ralph Matthews

Vital Stats

  • Name: Bro. Ralph Matthews
  • Occupation: Box Office Manager
  • But wants to be a: Film director/writer
  • Active in: Blue Lodge
  • Attends lodge: About once per month




Why did Ralph become a Freemason?

I believe this to be a very loaded question for most Masons and everyone’s reason for joining is different. I, myself, initially joined because Freemasonry is part of my lineage and I wanted to be part of something bigger than myself.

Thoughts about Braden 168?

To be perfectly honest, I only joined Braden Lodge specifically because it happened to be the Lodge my friend and petitioners belong to. I live a good 15 miles away, so logistically it would make more sense for me to join a lodge nearer to me. However, after getting to know the guys and the pristine ritual work that Braden Lodge is known for, I know now that this is the place for me. The diversity and enthusiasm of this group is as colorful, unique, and vibrant as the ancient Triune Temple that they meet in. I am happy to call myself a Freemason, but am very proud to call myself a Braden Brother.


One thought on “Ralph Matthews

  1. Dude.. I am not much into reading, but somehow I got to read numerous articles on your blog. Its amazing how instereting it is for me to take a look at you extremely often.

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