In Memory of Brother Cameron Johnson

Bro. Cameron Johnson

Cameron Johnson, our brother at Braden Lodge, passed away very recently after a hard-fought battle with Lymphoma.

Masonic funerals are, sadly, all too common in these last few decades, but Cameron was only 39 years old. He was an active Mason, our Senior Steward, and was soon to be our new webmaster. We new Cameron was in and out of the hospital, struggling with his health, but the last we had heard, he was doing well. And then he was gone.

Many brothers attended his memorial service this past Thursday, and our hearts and sympathies go out to Cameron’s family.

Braden Lodge Mourns its Brother

I was personally unable to attend, but I have my own fond memories of Cameron. Most of them involve arguing with him on Facebook. Cameron was a very intellectual and philosophical man, and not prone to give an inch to an intellectual opponent. But that’s what made him such an involved and effective Mason. He never shirked from giving his opinion, participating, or even clearing up the dishes after dinner.

Cameron Johnson was our brother. And he will be missed.


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