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  1. That was beautiful brothers. I’d love to print that and put it in the hands of every petitioner who walks in our door, to help them understand our gentle craft better.

    • Couldn’t agree more, Adam. Our Fraternity lost its way several years ago and we need to get back to our roots. Those explained in this opinion piece. Great service to the craft, Matt!

      • Did it really lose its way, can freemasonry lose its way? Or was it you the individuals lost touch of true freemasonry?

    • Shouldn’t a potential member already be conducting himself naturally before even be considered? Because I have no doubt, I already live like a Freemason. I do not speak false truths, I do not cause mallus to others or even my neighbor. I read, study and I’m in constant reflection of my own character and conduct. And this begins with, getting up in the morning, and having a little self pride that I can look myself in the mirror and be confidant in what’s looking back at me, it’s a fine, outstanding gentleman looking back at me. Because if you view everyday life as a grand stage and that you are under constant view of the world audience, then you have nothing to hide or be ashamed of. This is who I am. And I want to make a difference,,,

      Wayne A Caddell Jr

      • Mr Caddell-
        Are you saying you are already living Masonic standards? I would hope that all men are. If you are interested in petitioning, you could first determine if there is anyone in your acquaintance who is a Mason and would be willing to vouch for your character.
        Your physical disability would be a factor to consider in keeping you safe and healthy during the rituals. I am in North Carolina (AF&AM), where almost any physical issue can be waived by the Grand Lodge, and minor changes made in rituals to accommodate. I am aware of a state where the GL absolutely will not allow certain physical defects. As your area code (843) indicates SC, I cannot speak to their willingness to give waivers, but I just spoke to a SC brother who told me that waivers have been granted.

        Bob F.
        Goldsboro, NC

      • i hear what you are saying, me myself, haven’t lived by the standards, i have done wrong, i am ashamed of who i have become and i am willing to change that and i believe that, that can happen through Freemasonry, but im definitely not going to put all my chips into the basket and risk the chance of failing as i have for 17 years, another reason to joining the Freemasons that i have found is to bring honor and good public standing not only to myself and my family, but to the community, im not really sure what else to say, but that people need to start focusing on improving their selves and others, in hope to making everyone’s lives better. I haven’t necessarily brought any honor to myself or my family, especially not to the community, but i have recently started changing my ways, and i also found out a couple months ago at my great-grandfathers funeral, that he himself was a Freemason, and that is when i started looking into Freemasonry, and i feel like im to the point where im ready to petition to become a member of the Freemasons, but i again, i understand where you are coming from Wayne, i really do. sooooo many people have tried to help me realize my wrong doings and have tried to help me get on the right path, but as i found out last December, that isn’t going to give me success, what is going to bring success is, my wanting to change my ways, there has been a point to where i was sooo lost and confused, that i thought there was only one way to stop hurting others, myself, and the ones i cared about the most, and again, i have changed my ways, and i am looking for something to help me grow closer to the community and my possible future brothers, so, i started looking foreward and it has helped me a lot. one thing i ask, the only thing i will EVER ask of the Freemasons is to give me a chance to help myself and join the Masons, i know that i can help a lot, especially with helping to get others who don’t have anywhere to turn a chance of a better life, so please give me a chance, as well as others, thank you for your time.

      • This is very much the wrong way to conduct yourself. Those who live on a stage are merely behaving like actors and NOT behaving like genuine people.

    • bragging about knowing how the OWO/NWO work doesn’t help. The fact that the jewish bankers only hire those that take a death oath of loyalty to them is well known wherever a jewish central bank exists. If you want a the American dream, a nice house, car, in a safe neighborhood and protection while in public, you must swear a secret oath of loyalty to them via any of the many orgs, frats, sororities,cults, clubs, gangs, cartels, cabals, even Christian churches that are led by someone who took a secret oath that leads up the money laddder or pyramid to jewish bankers. Whatever country you live in, this system is in place. “it’s a small world after all”. MAGA.

      ps. Most denominational Christian priests are freemasons but they won’t tell you. Some babtists will.

      • Hi Bill Baker
        I am researching the differences between Freemasonary and Anthroposophy. i saw your reply which caught my eye as my son is Billy Baker. I despise how Freemasonary uses the soul faculty of will . Anthroposphy as designed by Rudolf Steiner uses will towards freedom for all.

    • Freemasonry is to help and not being helped. Freemasonry is to serve not being served. Freemasonry is to give not to receive. Anyone who has selfish motive in joining an organization shall fail.

      • If that were the case not accepting women was a stupid decision. Our nature is to help, serve & give. I suppose we are not free for you gentlemen yet 🤔

  2. My Brothers nothing could be more truthful than the statements made in this post. Our Craft has gone into a state of decline and downward spiral filled with men that are truly members for all the wrong reasons and should’ve joined the organizations mentioned. It is about time like minded brothers come together and guard the outer door as to whom joins the Craft. While all these organizations serve a purpose and are good at what they do, they do not represent Freemasonry nor should their values be blended into our Ancient Craft. The 18th. & 19th. centuries the Golden Epoch of our fraternity and we should try to make a conscious effort to return the Craft to what it was then.

    • If it weren’t for the corruption that has ambushed the craft I’d become a mason and keep the family tradition going. Now there are too many risks associated with being known by those who have infiltrated the craft, and I’d probably get murdered for not keeping my mouth shut about them (I push people to their breaking points when they displease me with their actions and intents). Freemasonry is about the advancement of the world itself, which happens through our own advancement (and the advancement of all others). The moment that power gets put to focus on certain individuals (the infiltrators) is the moment corruption begins, and advancement ends. It’s supposed to be order out of chaos; not chaos out of order. Take something that is imperfect and push it further towards perfection (order out of chaos). Don’t take something that is on the way to “perfection” and destroy it (chaos out of order). Just my take on it. Of course though, perfection is non-existent this reality; it would be impossible for anything to exist as time would not move, because movement is caused by imbalance, which is not a state of solid perfection. Lol. I would love to join the craft and be known and accepted as a brother, but I don’t think it would be a good idea. Have a good one, and keep reinforcing the true nature of the craft. KG

      • You are not a Brother yet you presume to be an expert on who we are, what we stand for, & the current state of the Craft. You are the definition of a Cowan & are absolutely unqualified to speak on behalf of the Craft. Your ignorance in all the matters of which you spoke is painfully evident to any Brother. Do us all a favor and stick to your convictions & never petition our ancient & honorable institution for admission. You are unworthy, period.

    • The true power of life is friendships and bonds you have with individuals. I am not a Mason yet. Technically having issues with the first $100 to send in with my petition. I seek not to join for Secrets/Job/Money like most people, I seek to join to better myself. I read alot of self help books, and found through true unconditional love inside me different paths, perspectives and opinions. The only way for me to really describe what is within me is Nothing and ALL. Now of course I can’t be everything at one given moment but I can aim for it. I try to feel better but all I can feel is a void inside of me. Nobody understands and I am alone! That is the reason I seek out freemasonry even if I must feel this void at least I can make other people happy by becoming whom they desire me to. I don’t do this because I am a slave, no I do this because I love everybody or try to at least. Even if the individual is doing dark and evil things I have to ask myself ARE WHAT THEY DOING TRULY DARK AND EVIL? Or is it my personal opinions and persectives the actions they do are such. That train of thought has lead me to intentions. The intentions of a man are more important to me than the action itself. For I believe it is better to kill one person to save 100. Or to go against crooks in power! Like Dexter killing murderers. In my eyes I see these men as Holy Dark. but that is merely my symbol out of a myriad and collective legion of symbols.

      • You should seek orthodox christianity i felt exactly as you and after i went and baptised i felt god theough my body and after holy confession go to an orthodox church

    • My name is Wayne A Caddell Jr. I’m a not a “Freemason” mainly because I don’t really know what this means or is. What I can do, is tell you who I am, what I’m about and what I try to achieve each and every day.
      I am a T-4 parapligic. Due to a 50 foot fall at work. I’m paralyzed from my chest down. It’s been a very rough “journey” for myself, from December 1st, 1998. It’s taught me that I don’t have tomorrow, this evening, this afternoon, or 5 minutes from now. And what I, I do, nobody else, effects everything going forward. So in my pursue of finding what is the right way, I’ve discovered that we all are on a journey for only a little while, we’ll pass on, into the next journey, whatever it may be. I first, must be responsible for my own conduct, starting with my very speech that I am writing here. My words then my actions must be in some small way, encouraging others, giving hope, and give compassion to all I encounter. It’s not my place to judge anyone without reason, and to speak and be fair to all. My number 1 priority, is my own conduct first, then to assist when asked. My purpose is to be a positive light at all times, and be a path finder that others may follow if they choose.
      My only reason in my interest in Freemasonry, is several of my personal heros, George Washington, then later, who also was handicapped, Franklin D. Roosevelt. And my last favorite hero, Ronald Reagan, all 3 were Freemasons. In my fantasy world, Captain James T. Kirk and Captain Jean-Luc Pickard are also my heros. I believe they would have been masons too.
      So my curiosity is only that I’m interested, because I also believe many of the sports coaches I admire, the way they molded young people, they also have to be masons.
      I do believe in a Supreme Being, and he does NOT want the world to be butchering each other over Muhammad, Abraham or Jesus Christ. I believe the continued focus on knowledge, wisdom, and love is the foundation ofof what Supreme Being would want. Because I truly believe that if I were the Supreme Being, I would be very disappointed in the way the world has made of itself since I created it. Even the animals act more humainly towards each other.
      And I view Ancient Rome the very worst that has ever happened to this planet, followed by the Spanish, for wiping out the wholesale population of people and tribes that nobody even knows about because Rome and the Spanish made sure of it. Only the Founding Fathers of the United States, did things actually begin to take place for humans, mainly Caucasian men, began to treat each other as brother rather than races and genders. Without Freemasons, there would be no United States of America, the most powerful nation this world has ever seen since Alexander the Great. As other styles of revolution and leadership has sprang up, it’s only here in the United States, that the President and the Congress actually represent the people. No other nation can make this claim. And in 2016, what the Founding Fathers were has missing for a very long time now. And if these are not rediscovered, the United States will fall to the way side, just as others has. I only hope I’m not around when it does.

      Wayne A Caddell Jr

      • Wow, Americans are really full of themselves. Canada and several other countries also have true representation in government. And unlike the US, I dont need millions of dollars to become part of the government, or even the leader.

      • There are good and bad Christians. There are good and bad politicians. There are good and bad cops. There are good and bad leaders. Freemason is no exception. There are good and bad Masons.

      • The first step would be to look around in your circle of acquaintances and see if there is someone you already know is a member of a lodge. If you can find none, contact lodges in your community and attend a few public functions. Each lodge usually has its own “culture” and you may prefer one lodge over another. When you are ready to petition (our word for applying), you will have to have brothers (our grand lodge requires 2) who will vouch for your character and your likeliness to become a good Mason. I do NOT sign a petition lightly.

      • Ask is the first step. If you dont ask you dont get. Keep an open mind and be friendly to all. Do not be afraid to ask and be keen to learn, It takes time to really get to understand the degrees and what they teack. But it will get you thinking. Good Luck.
        Lodge Kauri 474 NZ

  3. Good morning and fraternal greetings from the Northern Division of the Grand Lodge of South Africa. I happened across this article on facebook and thought it to be a fantastic article which, with your permission, I would like to post on our website, http://www.safreemason.co.za. Please let me know if this would be acceptable.
    Having read through some of the other fascinating articles on this page, I will most certainly be revisiting your website on a regular basis.
    Alan van der Vyver
    Assistant Provincial Grand Master – Northern Division GLSA

  4. Perfectly said Matthew , I’ll share this for now on… this thing is, I’ve heard actual Master Masons say to interested petitioners that they joined masonry for the networking. It’s a shame that even after you go through all three degrees you truly do not have the complete understanding of what a Mason is… I can only see fault in us as the body of our lodges that this would be possible.

    • Michael: What you’ve witnessed (as I have) is a result of improper coaching. If that man had been coached properly, he may have never stood for his second degree. We have done a horrible job working with our candidates. Again a result of quantity. Improper investigations. Both could have corrected this problem, but we haven’t done our jobs.

    • They hide behind the CHILDREN, helping the children, which they do… but. Any organization can do that. They bring in thousands of dollars, yes they do good but… you need to check out its origin… it’s an evil cult.. that’s why you know little about their intent. Google the origin, good and evil..

      • We know that many intelligent, dedicated Freemasons have infiltrated the Vatican-but their influence seems to have precipitated unspeakable turpitude and exploitation of innocent people & children without either improving the church, or destroying it for good. “Bringing Order out of Chaos?” –FAIL.
        The Freemasonic cardinals appear to be utterly corrupt.

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  6. I got the impression from the last freemason I spoke to in Gateshead that his lodge had a policy of not admitting homosexual men.
    I’m not sure if that is official or unofficial policy but it will kill the organisation stone dead if it is not changed.

    • Not true at all. At least not on any official level. My lodge is very gay-friendly. Most lodges use a blackball system of voting in new members, though. It only takes one vote to keep anyone out, so if a lodge has a certain culture, or even just one hater, it can certainly become a de facto banishment of all sorts of thing. I’ve never seen examples of this in my area, but the country is very diverse. It’s the cost of liberty. As the younger generations continue to pour into the lodges, though, that kind of attitude is evaporating quickly.

      • We have openly gay Brethren in our lodge and many of the lodges in our district & I’ve never heard a negative comment concerning this. You are correct however that a single black cube is all it takes to deny admission, so abuses certainly are possible. However Black cubes in my lodge are very rare because by the time the candidate has been through the investigative committee & background check the Brethren are confidant that he is a worthy candidate. Often times relying on the committee & a few brief interactions to guide their vote. So an attempt at discrimination would actually become apparent & would be dealt with. I also agree that as the younger membership increases discrimination based on race, sexual orientation, and the such will be all but stamped out, as it needs to be. It is contrary to everything we are taught, and stand for, as Freemasons.

      • Grand Lodge of New York requires 3 black to reject.
        I have no issues with gay men in Lodge. I would expect them to subdue their passions and not pay unwanted attention to Brothers just as I expect a heterosexual Brother to not hit on another’s wife.

      • In the Scottish Constitution we require a minimum of three black balls to exclude anyone. This seems fairer, in that one Brother who takes a dislike to the Candidate cannot simply exclude him . It’s not foolproof, of course, but it does cut out the chance of being summarily disqualified on a whim.

      • Matthew, sadly this is not true at all, the GL of Georgia have passed at GL level an order stating that Freemasons who engage in homosexual conduct will be subject to Masonic discipline.

        That is just on an official level, on an unofficial level many Freemasons induldge in the sport of Queerbashing whereby they lay in wait in an area known for homosexual cruising and outside Gay bars, wait for a Gay man and then proceed to literally kick his head in, why some men find this is a sport I have no idea, but in light of the now officail opposition to Homosexuals by Freemasons this behaviour can only be encouraged.

        Despite complaints from some Freemasons in England and Ireland both the GL of Ireland and the United Grand Lodge of England have refused to De-Recognise the GL of Georgia thus giving the impression that both UGLE and the GL of Ireland condone the Anti-Homosexual policy in Georgia.

        Many Heterosexual young men have friends who are Homosexual and most Non-Masons dont understand the difference between Lodges and Grand Lodges and the Policy in Georgia can only give the impression that ‘The Freemasons’ are Anti-Gay.

        Georgia seems to have shot not only themselves in the foot but Freemasonry in the Western World in general as well as it may well appear to some young men who might otherwise have been interested in joining that the Freemasons are some sort of extremist religous Cult.

        And as you know, Religous Cults are not very popular these days in Europe or North America.

        I would hope that the least that the various Grand Lodges whom dont agree with this exclusion/Discipline policy against Homosexuals by the Grand Lodge of Georgia could do is to issue a statement stating that there is nothing in their constittution that forbids Homosexuals from joining.

        I hope for the sake of Freemasonry you as a Mason can give the GL of Georgia some friendly advice regarding this matter before you see your membership decline.


    • I would think that any Mason worth his salt would judge his fellow man/woman by their character and content of their heart. Their sexual preferences, ethnicity, politics or religion should be irrelavent.

    • Sexual preference, race, religion, and political interests are all discriminatory subjects that should not keep a man from becoming a mason. As Matthew said, it only takes one black ball from someone with that mindset and while they are quickly becoming the minority, they are out there. Tell someone in the south that you’re a Muslim or a Pagan for example, and the outcome can be less than favorable while men of both beliefs are active contributing masons. But in an interview these should not even be discussed other than to make sure you believe in God.

      • Where does a female go to become the wife of a mason!? I believe in bettering myself through my husband’s eyes.

    • Many have tried to kill it over the last 300 years. We are still here. As far as your impression, don’t read things into it from your impression.

    • Matthew has that right. However, remember a lodge is a group of men with common objectives and values. That has been a part of the system since day one. Some Lodges welcome homosexual men, others do not. Lodges were never intended to be organizations of 200 -1000 members. At its origin most lodges were maybe 50. The modern world has forced us to grow our membership when we often did not understand the consequences and were ill prepared for it. I always recommend a man visit Lodges. Most have Stated Meeting Dinners and would welcome you to join them for dinner. Get to know the men and visit MANY Lodges before making your choice. You can not attend the meetings until you make your choice and apply, but by doing so, you can find a Lodge that is compatible with your situation.

  7. Excellent and well thought out article.
    My father joined the Craft and kept telling me to join as “It would help me in my work and when I did my Army National Service.”. Preferring to stand on my own two feet I refused, years later when I did join I found how wrong he was. Freemasonry never helped my career but it developed my character an moral principles great treasures both.
    On entering the portal at my Initiation one of the first things I learned was Dad violated the rules of Craft by inviting me to join.

    • Your father’s Masonry certainly had a different angle, and it’s good to live and lead by example and let others find the Craft. I wouldn’t be too harsh on him, though. There’s a difference between “you should join” and “we’re asking you to join.” But I’m glad Freemasonry is becoming more introspective.

      • I am very likely one who would have been rejected had I not been honest about my past. It took me longer to grow up than others and I am greatful that I joined when I did. I have lived life on many branches of the spectrum (good and bad) and still was able to maintain the honor and morality that my father taught me growing up. My friend, who recommended me, was fully aware of my situation of a sour, non-felonious past and told me that he believes me to be a good guy. Needless to say, I was accepted into the fraternity and it has been a great experience thus far. There are reasons to heed joining Freemasonry but I wouldn’t let them stop you from inquiring. It is not for everyone in fact, it’s not for most people these days. I don’t see this fraternity “needing” new members like we are on some conquest to “fill our ranks” or some nonsensical… I found myself with an opportunity to better myself and do good for others and I have done these things and more.
        The answer to Freemasonry fading out? I doubt it will.

  8. I agree so much with the last sentence of the second paragraph in the article and so identify with the very last paragraph. This article doesn’t so much paint is in a bad light as paint us with the light of truth. We are not perfect or all things for all men, we are about a particular path. Like it? No? Then please choose another and no hard feelings. I definitely see in Irish Freemasonry the sort of people mentioned in the article. And one of the key reasons I joined, besides curiosity, was that I do not believe charity should be anything like an industry but a human duty to be carried out, in whatever small way an individual can, simply because it needs to be done and the relieved should feel no compulsion to pay back in any way. I personally disdain showmanship type charity where publicity for the act seems as important, or more so, as the act itself. Just do it, don’t brag about it. Civic duty? Of course we owe civic duty as individual citizens of wherever we live and as a peaceable, law abiding organisation but it is not all of what we are about. Another reason I joined was to experience the wider brotherhood of men with whom I was already brothers-in-service and I have done so and twice had the privilege of being a Worshipful Master. That is NOT the same as the chairmanship I hold of a national youth organisation governance committee or as vice president of the Irish Constitution chapter of Widows Sons. Nothing is the same as being elected as Worshipful Master. Is it? I think every Mason should read that article. I intend to share it with my Brother Irish Freemasons.

    • My friend Maxwell,
      Look around your community for a Lodge, or among your friends (or your father’s friends) for a Mason…and ask if it would be right for you.
      No legitimate (what we call Regular) Lodge would ask you to join. You must first express interest.
      I hope you have a delightful journey, as I have.

      Bob Franks, Past Master, District Deputy Grand Lecturer
      Wayne Lodge #112,
      Goldsboro, NC, USA

    • You would contact your local lodge, and get a petition. Sign it and turn it in with the money thats due. They will look it over and make sure you didn’t lie on your petition, (one sure way of being black balled) You can also look at your soroundings more for a car that has a bumper sticker that says 2B1ASK1.

  9. Wonderful article. I have always been fascinated with Free Masons and have been wanting to become one but the aggressive recruitment I saw and the reasons for these new recruits joining the Brotherhood gives me second thoughts. your blog is very full of insights.

    thank you

  10. I loved the article so true in every word said, again I wish to point out that joining the craft for whatever reasons other than “True brotherhood ” brings about frustration and ” mercenary motives , I guess one can only answer this deep down inside every Masons heart, Goodday to all!!!!

    • excellent points alehoetgtr, you simply gained a brand new reader. What may you suggest in regards to your publish that you made some days in the past? Any sure?

  11. My grandfather was a Freemason and I don’t know if that is beneficial to me he left me his ring. What to do? How do I find info about him ? Is there records kept.

    • Yes there are records. If you know what lodge he belonged to just call the lodge and speak to the secretary, he can most likely give you information. If you are unsure of the exact lodge, you can contact your states grand lodge which keeps records of all members that have ever belonged to the fraternity in their state. You can usually find the phone numbers in the phone book, but most lodges, and certainly all Grand Lodges, have websites so obtaining contact info should be simple enough. Good luck, I hope you are successful.

  12. True, i like this article…
    You might find interest a simple thoughts of brotherly love, pls connect dimasalang13.blogspot.com
    Fraternally yours,
    Bro Pete Menda III, Philippines

  13. I found your article insightful but, just because a few unworthy masons brought corruption in to our ranks and stained our image is no reason to paint us all with the same brush. I for one have enjoyed my experience as a Mason as well as a Shriner and I can speak for my Lodge brothers as well. We labour very hard in our charity work that brings relief to our community at the same time helping each other become better men. My brothers and I take great pride in our lodge and the work we labour at inside of it so, when I read thing things like “Why I shouldn’t become a mason” it just reinforces why I am there in the first place, To become a BETTER MAN.

  14. I just want to say thank you for the good reading. I am not a mason. but I did inquire about how to become one. I spoke to a friend who I found out was a mason and he told me to do some research on freemasonry and then get back to him if I am still interested. And so I have been doing for the past 3yrs. I have not seen him for a while my journey continues only because I want to be and know that I can be a better man…… But here is how my interest came about one day I saw an older guy walking and I offered him a ride which he took and we started speaking on religion after giving him my views all he could say is interesting . Then asked me how do I think a man should carry himself so I told him how I try to carry myself and how I fail at times but always apologize if anyone feels hurt or disrespected. He then asked if I or my father is a mason to which I said no then he said that I should look into it. So I have.

    • I’ve been a Mason since 1992 and Past Master since 1997. It has proven to be one of the best decision I’ve ever made. There are many, many things I love about being a Master Mason. The most significant has to be the members of Waynedale Lodge #739 in Ft Wayne, IN! These Brothers are all like Family to me and I Love them all! Every man should petition a Masonic Lodge in their community.
      I guarantee, if you are dedicated to seeking knowledge and getting involved with your Lodge activities, it will be the best “Journey” of your life!

  15. Brethren, its important for one to know him self, and the question is how can I know myself?
    because if one know himself, he will not seek for any other explanation between life and love. for more information concerning know your self go to Freemasons mission. however, I basically seeking for greater-light which I know that been a member of Freemasons and reading the book of Nature will lead me toward the greater-light. for more example, when one reintegrate himself with the spiritual aspiration of our vernation master which are on known superior of Freemasons order he will receive the greater-light and that’s my reason of seeking to be a member of Freemasons

  16. Greeting,” Brethren
    In regard to the comments made of why shouldn’t become A Freemason? “yes, in deed we are born differently with different sprite. likewise choice. people chooses things base on their choice. choosing to belonging to Freemason is just like one in school and choosing a Subject that he or she knows that it will be useful and brighten his or her future. for example, based on my knowledge Freemason is a lodge where different kinds levels of peoples meet themselves and becomes brothers and shears thought and experiences of life, business , history and more. however, remember it’s Craft Freemason which one must believe and reintegrate himself with the spiritual aspiration of the craft order which has been for many century’s . meeting different kinds of brothers in both high and middle level of knowledge’s is the best way to expand yours too.

  17. I am fairly new myself just finished 2nd degree and looking forward to further myself. Excited to see what the future in Free Masons looks like 🙂

  18. I wish you the best Patrick Carley, because it’s very important for Man to have choice. you chose to be A Freemason, please keep it forward
    May you ever dwell in the Eternal Light of Cosmic Wisdom

  19. I have to say I disagree with number 2. Lodges could do a lot worse than have members that are driven by a desire to help their community. What better way to promote the values of Freemasonry than to be out there displaying them in practise. If a potential candidate came along with a desire to further our lodge’s community work, I’d enthusiastically welcome him.

    • I understand your position, Jon, but you’re not promoting the values of Freemasonry by organizing aid for your community, you’re promoting the values of the Lion’s Club. That’s a perfectly good thing to do, but it’s just not intellectually honest to say that it promotes Freemasonry. It’s not a service club.

      • Relief, virtue, honour, mercy, charity…. These were all charged to me as values central to Freemasonry, and I took it seriously when they were. I don’t consider community service the sole responsibility of a lodge, but it is certainly an essential component. Just because these values are shared by other organisations, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t practise them because they “do it better”.

      • Jon, I’d never try to convince you to not do these things, but they’re not the focus of Freemasonry. We don’t get together to do these things. We get together in order to become the kind of people who do these things. These values are the kind of values that are supposed to permeate your being, and practiced at all times.

        Of course, charitable and community event participation is one way this can be expressed and practiced, but it’s just one way of many, many ways to do it.

        I don’t object to a fish fry for educational scholarships, or bikes for books, but I do sorta get ambivalent about seeing S&C polos milling around a fair booth, because when we do that we look just like the Lions Club! And the Kiwanis, and the Jaycees, etc. And people think “oh, the Freemasons. That’s one of the local service clubs.”

        Well, we’re not! We’re not a service club. We’re just not.

        If I had a candidate who wanted to actively participate in our events, that’s be great. But if I got the feeling that he’s just looking for a charitable outlet, I’d politely point him to the Lions Club, not because he wouldn’t make a good mason, but because he just might not be very interested in freemasonry.

  20. Whenever Freemasons do something in the community, I wonder if it is for the community benefit or their own.
    If someone petitions because he wants to help his neighbor, I’d ask why he wasn’t doing that already.

  21. I live in a representative democracy in North America, but it seems a lot of residents of the USA don’t realise that the largest country in North America is not a republic, but like Norway, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Monaco, Luxembourg, The United Kingdom and Liechtenstein in Europe along with a number of Caribbean countries, a constitutional monarchy. Many Western monarchs are, or were, also Freemasons. To paraphrase Bro. Sir Winston Churchill: the constitutional monarchy is the worst form of government in the world…except for all the others. An excellent read somewhat spoiled by propaganda for a republic being a superior form of government.

    • Huh? Monarchy? Even constitutional monarchy?
      Please read the Constitution of the United States of America before posting again!
      I am not particularly a fan of BHO, but he is NOT king.

    • The United States is not a representative democracy, it is a Constitutional republic. A Republic is a society in which sovereign power is invested in the hands of the people, who elect representatives to lead. The power is from the people to the leaders, not from the leaders to the people. Much like a lodge.

  22. Brother Matt Gallagher claims that Freemasonry is growing almost everywhere in exciting ways, but I’m afraid that the opposite is true. In 2012 only 7 out of 51 jurisdictions in America showed a positive growth. According to the MSANA membership has been on a steady decline since 1959, and continue to do so.

    • You aren’t measuring meaningful statistics when you’re measuring simple data like how many went on the books vs how many were struck off. You can’t control the dead and dying. The only stats worth clocking are how many are being raised and how many are being retained.

      • A smaller number of masons is not a bad thing. It is quality that counts. I agree we should measure ourselves by other things.

        Because of the large number of brothers who joined after WWII, we will see a decline in numbers. But I am encouraged by the number of young men coming into the Brotherhood. BUT, the only way to get them is to be visible on the Internet and social media. Additionally, your lodge must be open and friendly when they come to visit. If you don’t do this, you lodge will die a slow and painful death.

  23. Very good. Too many people out there getting their information from places like YouTube. People keep asking me what do I get out of being a mason, I tell them besides brotherhood, not much. They just don’t get it. Great job brother.

  24. This has been an insightful group of interchanges. I would have to say, maybe it is not so important as to what you get out of being a member but what you put in? It is not the act of picking up a brick that bothers me, rather if the brick is being used to build or tear down. Thank you to those who are using their bricks for the purpose of building.

  25. Excellent post and writing Bro. Matt. Thank you for imparting more light to those with interest in the Craft. It also helps old timers (like me) to get a refresher course from time-to-time. Come see us in Virginia when you can (4th Monday).
    J.D. Cave, PDDGM
    Magnetic Lodge 184 AF&AM
    Stanley, Virginia

    • Thanks for reading. I am grateful that someone had benefited by my comment. When I wrote it (just a few months ago) I was an EA. I have since been raised actually 2 weeks ago tonight. I do agree with others statements who may have been a little more sharp than mine, saying that it may not be for everyone. I just told my brother in law this last Monday. He has shown great interest in the fraternity but I am not sure if he is genuinely wanting to be a Mason, or if he wants the secrets. I am going to invite him and my sister to a dinner and he can chat with some of the brothers. The only thing that I wish I had done differently is not getting in such a hurry to study my way to MM. I would have loved to attend lodge several more times before being raised. But my lodge went dark for 2 months and what better for a FC to do than study. None the less, driving up to the lodge to receive my 3rd degree and seeing the parking lot full gave me chills (the good kind) knowing that all of those men were there in support of me. And it was a glorious evening. There is nothing like it.

      Matthew Clem
      Yakima-Compass #24 F&AM
      Yakima, Washington

      • Thank you Brother Matthew Clem. There are lots of different angles to why and how one shall or shall not become. I found my purpose to be for the bettering of myself, my family and my communities. Im not one to follow by misguidance, if there are any falsehoods being stated on behalf of Freemasonry, Im quite suure they will get no further than the mouths who speak them. And I say that to say this, if you’re there for the right purposes, you’ll further your knowlege and grow. Thank you to each and every Brother and even non affiliates who have chose to seek the knowlege. Stay blessed and continue to be of good to youselves, and our communities.

  26. Fraternal greetings Brethren! Magnificent article! With your indulgence Bro. Matt, I would love to share this to my mother lodge and post this to our board.

    Bro. Mark Angelo Oro
    San Pedro Lodge #292
    under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of the Philippines

  27. Greetings my worthy Brother!
    This article really hits it right in the head. I would love to share this. Can I please get a copy of the article thru email? kindly forward it to patchoy461@yahoo.com.
    Thank you my Brother and may the GAOTU continue to bless us all!
    Brother Pat D. Noel
    Iligan Lodge No. 207

  28. Greetings my Brother!!!

    May I have your permission to share this article to our lodge…
    Thank You…

    Bro. Virgilio R. Cuajunco, Jr. , IPM
    Lodge Secretary
    Mt. Mainam Lodge No. 49, F&AM
    Under the Jurisdiction of The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of the Philippines

  29. Hello,

    Thank you for this article, it is very informative. For somebody such as myself, however, it doesn’t necessarily answer the question of “Should I be a Mason?” Since this contains nothing but negative affirmations, I still have that question. I have spoken to several Masons about this, from friends to a chance meeting of a Shriner in an airport bar. I have had wonderful conversations with all of them, but I have still never had that question answered.

    Is the best solution to simply go knock on the door of my local lodge? How do I find more information on whether I SHOULD petition to join, as opposed to whether I should NOT?

    Thank you again.

  30. Not sure if he was a Mason but Henry Wadsworth Longfellow had it right:

    Tell me not, in mournful numbers,
    Life is but an empty dream!
    For the soul is dead that slumbers,
    And things are not what they seem.

    Life is real! Life is earnest!
    And the grave is not its goal;
    Dust thou art, to dust returnest,
    Was not spoken of the soul.

    Not enjoyment, and not sorrow.
    Is our destined end or way;
    But to act, that each tomorrow
    Find us further than to-day.

    Art is long, and Time is fleeting,
    And our hearts, though stout and brave,
    Still, like muffled drums, are beating
    Funeral marches to the grave.

    In the world’s broad field of battle,
    In the bivouac of Life,
    Be not dumb, driven cattle!
    Be a hero in the strife!

    Trust no Future, howe’er pleasant!
    Let the dead past bury its dead!
    Act, -act in the living Present!
    Heart within, and GOD o’erhead!

    Lives of great men all remind us
    We can make our lives sublime,
    And, departing, leave behind us
    Footprints on the sands of time;

    Footprints that perhaps another,
    Sailing O’er life’s solemn main,
    A forlorn and shipwrecked brother,
    Seeing, shall take heart again

    Let us, then be up and doing, With a heart for any fate;
    Still achieving, still pursuing,
    Learn to Labor and to wait.

    • if we must die let it not be like hogs hunted and penned in an inglorious spot while round us bark the mad and hungry lot C.M. > adc usa ret…..

  31. Brethren, as a 24 year old Mason. I have found this to be quite true. I am only a year and a half old in the craft. But i see a lot of card carrying mason being raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason. My mentor, taught be to be a true mason and not one of these guys who want a sticker on their car. Yet, i have learned on my own to be a true hearted Mason. Each brother should study and learn to be a better man. Take it all in by heart and be that better man. The craft is not for everyone. I am proud to be a Mason. Elections are today and [hopefully] I get senior deacon. Travel light my brothers. SMIB
    Fraternaly yours,
    Bro. Ryan West
    Jr. Steward
    Golden Ark 595
    Taylor, Michigan

    • Some of the worst criminals and sodomites like Oscar Wilde and J.Edgar Hoover were also Freemasons, I will not mention all of the well documented crooks and murderers like Kenneth Noye as I might exceed my monthly Internet data allowance.


      • tomara que esse aqui funcione melhor q o 8 mas se tratando que daki pra frente a microsoft ta tendo mais corrconencia vai ser bom eles melhorarem muitoabracos tecn)logia vc sao fera!!

      • Love this shoes (and the wallpaper behind them).The bunting is fantastic, maybe if I start now I’ll be able to make one for my daughters birthday in November – too bad she is too young to be much help.

  32. I did not appreciate this comment “Order of Elks began in much the same way as the Shriners began. As an excuse to drink.” This section needs to be edited; instead of continuing with ” The organization has since expanded from these modest goals into a larger service organization, doing charity and community work” it should read “Both the Shrine and Order of Elks have since expanded from modest goals into larger organizations, doing charity and community work” As it is currently worded it has the effect of portraying the Shrine in a negative manner.

  33. I liked this article and would enjoy reading more on this topic. I am interested to learn what Masonry is looking for in a perspective initiative? I have been a member of a dozen fraternities, but it has always been Masonry that caught my heart.

  34. It’s been 3 months since I last posted, last month I finaihwd my 3rd degree. From what I have seen so far I really intrigued to see what else is out there. I was invited to join Royal Arch and I think I am going to take that journey. At the same time I have a thirst for knowledge so who know where I am going to end up.
    -Brother Carley

    • Brother Carley-
      You may wish to consider waiting to join any other Masonic bodies. The Symbolic Lodge (the first 3 degrees) has a rich lode of symbolism and meaning you have only begun to appreciate!
      Past Master
      District Deputy Grand Lecturer

  35. Very informative and refreshing to me as a Mason without a lodge for many years. I have gone full circle, always with the teachings and missed brotherhood of a lodge. I have been considering returning to a local lodge and this article has been inspiring, confirming the reason I choose the Masonic Order.

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  38. Good day to all,I have read everything said from Matt to all the replies,I always wondered what was the purpose of the freemasons and What do they do ,Well all of you gave me a better view of my thoughts of masonry,I’ve heard many rumors of real crazy stuff goin on don’t know if it true here in the virgin islands but I will not agree with that shit point blank, anyway i’m glad I came across this page and it really helped me in my decision to find out more about the craft and myself .I believe it could be for me and I will go down to the lodge TODAY and get more info. Again thank you all for helping me decide

    • Look for a “Co-Masonry” lodge. They are not recognized by mainstream lodges and grand lodges, at least in the USA. They accept both genders.
      I am also told that the Order of Eastern Star has rituals that are interesting.

    • Eastern Star is a Masonic organization that accepts women; my Grandmother was Eastern Star. Not all locations have an Eastern Star Lodge, so you’ll have to see where the nearest one is to you.
      Note: there is also a Women’s Freemason Lodge in Mississauga Ontario (Corner of Peter St and Port St) which is not recognized by Grand Lodge, but exists none the less. I recently met one of the members.

    • – The Sh87p&#i21s;s VoyagesI think technological know-how just makes it worse. Now there’s a channel to hardly ever care, now there is not going to become a opportunity for them to discover.

  39. I was threatened by freemasons when I would not join. I had freemasons come into my business and tell me if I joined things would get better and improve. I was targeted when I was very young, I was a teenager at the time, then asked to join when I was 22. I was told my life would be ruined and everything would turn to nothing because I had turned them down. This was threats with menaces and was organised like a protection racket with people coming into my business premises several times a year to persuade me to join.

    Materially masons have temples they have grandiose titles and names, they have rituals involved with nakedness and threats of extreme violence, they worship Egyptian gods and have codes that rumour pain of death. Masons hide behind a wall of fear and threats, they believe and worship matters involving the occult. The ones I have known are revengeful and hostile, they are malignant and uncouth.

    A bit of pretending with charity is always interesting, then so was Jimmy Saville.

    • This is really a stupid post!
      Nothing you have said about Freemasons would be tolerated in either of the grand lodges I have been a member in, or in any of the dozen I have visited, mainstream, PHA, and overseas!
      Masonry is an organization of men interested in improving themselves, and by extension, their society, and the world. It is not a gang.
      Please don’t troll us anymore.


  40. My opinion Free Masons are like small children & they all will burn in Hell!! So hope all the Secrets & lying & doing stuff behind everyones back is worth it.All about yourselfs Fuck All The Freemasons Even George Washington could suck my dick till his wooden teeth fall out. You aint shit just scared kids in a clubhouse. Bitch Ass People None of you are real men!! Stay in your clubhouse scary ass. Boyscouts or whatever you call yourselfs. Dont even try to make a comeback I wont be hear to read it & dont care to little boys trying to explain & get there way Fuck Your Ways I got mine Fuck your opinions I got mine Fuck Evverything You Stand For!!! because in my opinion if “The Real People” knew Im sure Free Masons would be like witches in the day! Punished & Tortured till they were Extinct.

    • How poorly written. Whether or not you agree with any of it, making a point by ranting, laced with obscenities and grammatical errors, is essentially a waste of time- yours and theirs. Furthermore, unless you have a true, factual reason for such an onslaught, it’d be helpful to know where your anger originates from. Not being a member myself I can only say that the few members I’ve met/known have all been solid, decent citizens and truly assests to our country and their regions. I find it quite sad that you find your time best spent attacking an organization online rather than using said time to do anything else that may possibly benefit your family, friends/community and even yourself. Not judging, attacking or even trying to argue at all though, and truly and humbly wish you a great day and wonderful, prosperious life.

      • Bob, as a so called Christian then you should know that you are guilty of Idolatory which is a Sin when you respect the Great Architect of The Universe and as such you should immediately resign from freemasonry and beg for forgiveness.


  41. Hello dear friends,
    I’m a 35 year old married guy from Los Angeles. I’m a business owner and have been self employed for almost a decade. I have been living in Los Angeles for over 2 years. I used to attend church but to be honest I stopped attending over 10 years ago because one thing I noticed there was no order in churches. Every church preaches something else and it became really annoying plus I didn’t agree with lot of the practices at most churches.

    Please let me know how I can become a Mason in the Los Angeles area. I really want to join this brotherhood and become a Mason.

    Please email me or reply here. Email preferred.

    Thank you so much!
    – Art

    • Hello Art,

      Thank you for your interest. Freemasonry has a rich history and a great culture, but please know it is not a religion or a replacement for religion. It’s a tough distinction for some people, but confusing the two often leads to misery.

      I’m sure you’ll have no trouble finding a lodge in Los Angeles. The best thing to do is to go to the Grand Lodge of California’s website: https://www.freemason.org/index.htm

      Read more about the fraternity, find lodges near you, contact their masters or secretaries, visit their websites, etc, and visit the lodges. All lodges are different, so visiting them and finding the right fit for you is critically important. Once you’ve found one, they’ll walk you through the rest.

    • m,i hai dato un'altra bellissima idea per i miei regali sotto vetro, che spepro di avere il tempo di fare, dopo l'unico esperimento – gradito- delt3#&9;oalmeal bread.Per il resto, che dire.Non ho parole, davvero.

  42. Hi Fellas how are we this evening?Listen I’m not a free mason but while working for this big company where most of the authority were and while conversating with this sister for a while who happened to be an Eastern Star brought the topic up that she was a mason which we spoke for while but I thought because I wasn’t a brother if we shouldn’t be discussing it so I cut it short. Since that day I’ve been wondering why she brought it up. Then I was thinking maybe she wanted me to join I d k but have thought about it. Can I get some insight? Thank you very much and have a pleasant evening. P.S

  43. My experience in working in a prison and with psychotic people is that they often accuse innocent people of those acts they are committing thenmselves.

  44. I am a mason in Tennessee, and I do know all lodges are different, but ours still believe in the old ways. Taking care of your brothers, fellow man, under the direction of God, and doing our part to make the world a better place. I love being around a group of like-minded men. I have been confronted by people asking my why I would join a “cult” and I am quick to tell them about what we do, and they quickly hush. Nothing bothers me more in the masonic fraternity, than the blindness of the world, and the lies people eat up. Our lodge has, on many of occasions, paid utility bills for people, bought families food, have had dinners, and don’t ask for a dime, have supplied clothing and schools supplies, to many people that have been turned away by others. I love being a mason, and I love knowing that what I do, can make the world better be for someonen one day at a time. Masonry is one that you get out what you put in. It isn’t for everyone, but for those of us that do it for the right reasons, we love what we do.

  45. Bad patch in life. But, even through it all, I know there is more. Came across this in a curiosity search. I will continue this search. Read from start to finish. Thank you for the article and the knowledge.

    • I received the master mason degree only 4 months after I was initiated into the fraternity. If I could do it differently, I would have stayed a Fellowcraft for at least a year. If you decide to become a Brother of the Craft, remember that it’s not a race to Master Mason. It’s a set of degrees to learn and if you apply them to your life, you will become a better man. Not only that but you will have 9 million brothers who share simular moral teachings.

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  48. I’m interested in joining for none of those reasons, however… because I’m a female, I’m not allowed, and I don’t understand why. Women aren’t property anymore.

    • Kendal,
      Women being or not being property is not the issue. Freemasonry us a fraternity, a men’s club for lack of a better explanation. There is a masonic component for women, called the Order of the Eastern Star, you would have to contact them for mmembership requirements

      • But what makes it such? It most likely only started out that way because women were in a lower class when it began. That does not mean it must continue in that way. The world has changed. I thought they were supposed to be more of an enlightened group of people?

        I’ve looked into the Eastern Star, but they seem to be a more modern organization. I’m interested in something that has deeper roots. I don’t see how an organization can claim to be the female equivalent of masons if women aren’t allowed to “know what the men know.” So what could these women possibly know? I think my grandmother was a member of the Eastern Star, but either she didn’t take it seriously or they weren’t serious themselves, because I don’t remember her being very interested in the things I’m interested in.

      • Thank you. It was interesting…. as were the comments on it. I don’t know. It still seems like the grown man’s version of “no girls allowed in the treehouse!”

        I certainly can’t relate to the UCLA studies quoted… I’ve never had a boyfriend isolate himself (wait, except one, he seemed overly emotional) and I can’t remember ever gathering with other women when I’m under stress. Then again, I don’t regularly tend to hang out with groups of women. So the idea of a “women only” version of the masons doesn’t even really appeal to me. Who are the people studying, researching, and writing the books on the masons and masonic symbols in the cathedrals? Mostly men. They seem to have more of an interest, and I want to be around people who are actually interested in that. Maybe the women are, I don’t know, I haven’t talked to them. It’s good to see that one of the French organizations is co-ed though (yay France, glad I live here sometimes).

        But segregation simply doesn’t make sense. Unless the focus is on something that women simply can’t do (like puppetry of the penis! If that’s what they’re teaching, then yeah, it wouldn’t make much sense as a woman to join), it’s simply sexist. It’s like a college being male-only. Which is now the minority of them, since we learned that women can use their brains. If this organization exists for the betterment of mankind, to seek and pass on wisdom and knowledge… then it needs to get with the times and open up to the other half of the population.

      • A footnote. In mainstream masonry in the United States, women are not permitted to join. There are grouos called Co-masons that allow women, but these groups are not sanctioned by the state Grand Lodges. There are several countries like France that have admitted women, and are no longer recognized in the United States. It is important to understand that Freemasonry can trace its routes to the stone Mason guilds of Europe in the14th century, and we make claims to having roots to much earlier times. The fact is that it’s a fraternity, an organization for men. It might not be a satisfying answer, but it is what it is.

      • It began as a “fraternity” because stonemasons at that time were men. Now, what if I were to become a stonemason? Because nowadays, women can do that if they want. It’s not quite fair to say “well it started off as an all-men’s club because only men could be stonemasons because men wouldn’t let women hold jobs like that, and even though women CAN be stonemasons today if they wanted to, we still want to keep it as an all-men’s club because we based it on how the world worked hundreds of years ago and haven’t evolved enough to recognize women as human beings capable of enlightenment (which apparently we are not either, because Jesus taught in the Gospel of Thomas that we need to eliminate the division between men and women, and we’re not quite there yet).”
        Those branches that HAVE allowed women, are the enlightened ones following the true path. Sorry guys. You have to place enlightenment and truth above your need to grunt and scratch with the boys.

      • I’ve been researching, and happy to see at least in the old countries – the UK and France, they are beginning to evolve.


        As I was meditating this morning, a funny thought came to me… freemasonry started in Europe. A long, long time ago. Look at Chartres, and every Notre Dame that exists…. covered in masonic symbolism. And now the branches in the UK and France are the ones to start accepting women (as they slowly join the 21st century…). And yet the US branches… who have not existed half as long as the European branches… cling to this boys-club mentality. The US really does seem to be the “child” of the world, in so many ways….

        I have to wonder who is in the right, here. Those who cling to a tradition that makes no sense anymore (hey, how many of you are even stonemasons?), or those who grow in love and inclusiveness. Just because something is “tradition” doesn’t mean it’s right, or can’t change. Women traditionally stayed home and raised kids. Does that mean we shouldn’t allow men to do it in today’s world, if they want to raise the children while the mother works?

        In the words of Cinderella 2015, “just because it’s what’s done doesn’t mean it’s what should be done.”

        I would definitely suggest that current masons contemplate their beliefs and ask themselves “what benefit is it to myself and the world, to refuse to share a path of spiritual betterment with those who seek it?”

    • It began as a “fraternity” because stonemasons at that time were men. Now, what if I were to become a stonemason? Because nowadays, women can do that if they want. It’s not quite fair to say “well it started off as an all-men’s club because only men could be stonemasons because men wouldn’t let women hold jobs like that, and even though women CAN be stonemasons today if they wanted to, we still want to keep it as an all-men’s club because we based it on how the world worked hundreds of years ago and haven’t evolved enough to recognize women as human beings capable of enlightenment (which apparently we are not either, because Jesus taught in the Gospel of Thomas that we need to eliminate the division between men and women, and we’re not quite there yet).”
      Those branches that HAVE allowed women, are the enlightened ones following the true path. Sorry guys. You have to place enlightenment and truth above your need to grunt and scratch with the boys.

      • Kendal, you have proven why you’re not fit to be a freemason with the men. You can’t even reply to the correct comment. That’s the difference between us men and you women, or us freemasons and the co-freemasons of the world! Join Eastern Star, I’m sure they’ll have you.

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  51. Thanks for the article. How to be a mason if you are from Abudhabi? There is no lodge here

    Do we have to join lodge overseas? Is that possible

    • Hey, I Like being included with the 35-yr-olds! You should leave it as it is And I have to admit, I’m struggling a bit to make &#82&0;twitter2#8221; meaningful for my new nonprofit – so I just brought on a brilliant 20-ish intern to help us with social media! Fortunately, one of my greatest strengths is knowing my areas of weakness…

  52. What a load of absolute fucking bullshit. Your bent organisation offers the world nothing. I truly believe I have been badly affected by the influence of a high ranking free mason and as such lost my company, wife and kids as a result of his end game. All by being gullible to this vile individual. I don’t think he had any problem with me personally, more my dad, once a mason, had seen it for what it was and decided to get out. Instead of just melting into the back ground he decided to write a letter as a Christian, denouncing freemasonry. My issues began once I became moderately successful in business. The vile man I mentioned earlier drank in my local pub, he approached me with a drawing and asked if I could make this item. We did, they paid, second job more value, we did they paid, the third, mother load order, we did they didn’t pay … I lost everything, and know in my heart of hearts it involved this cretin. A typical long scam! I’ve been offered several jobs following interview since, and each one has been retracted at the 11th hour. I have no criminal record and I am not a pervert, my dad warned me of the possibility of the generational curse. I truly believe I’m living it. I will get evidence DG. I WILL SEE YOU SOON!!!!

  53. This is a bit of HOGWASH !!
    The Masonic Fraternity in life teaches you to be upright, honest, truthful and honor God. Every time I hear of something attacking Free Masonry I cringe.
    The devil works in mysterious ways but “The devil is not in Free Masonry.

    Past Senior Deacon (Trimble 117, Cherry Hill, NJ)

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  57. From the outside looking in… Either this is simply a club for people to feel special about being in a secret society, or it is not about making men better in these aspects of their lives. There is no reason for secrecy if this be the mission of the Freemasons. That aspect of it has never made sense to me, and never will. If the organization is doing so great, then why for the first time are they publicly trying to recruit in many areas now? I thought that was something they were never supposed to do, and people were to seek out the Freemasons to become one. I myself have been asked to join by different Masons, but the secrecy is the one thing that bothers me about the prospect of joining. I am not trying to talk down upon Freemasonry, as I obviously do not know what goes on behind lodge doors… just in my own life and dealings with people when you are honest and your intentions are good, there is no need for secrecy. If someone could explain the purpose behind this to me, I would appreciate it.

    • Friend Mark-
      My previous Lutheran (ELCA) minister had some issues years ago with the “secrets of Freemasonry,” that I said I was not allowed by my obligations to tell him. As we talked I noticed his undergraduate ring with some Greek symbols on the jewel. I asked him if had been a fraternity member…and what was the oath he took to join? He told me his oath was…secret.
      Every group has secrets, even a group of 2, a marriage. I do not care to reveal certain personal details about THIS group I am a member of.
      Brother S. Brent Morris, PhD explained it pretty well on one of those masonic exposes on History (or some other) Channel: “Anyone with a little intelligence and the knowledge of how to research, can find out the Secrets of Freemasony, but I will not tell you, because I HAVE PROMISED THAT I WOULD NOT.”
      This said to me that by keeping the Masonic secrets, I, a Mason, am saying, “I am a man of integrity. I will keep my word. If I promise some thing, I will do my utmost to fulfill it.” If I can not be trusted to keep the promise to keep these silly words, handshakes, and body postures secret, I can not be trusted to be a stalwart man.

      bob, Master Mason, Past lodge Master, Lecturer

      • I thank you for your reply, but it just leaves me with the same question which has kept me away from Freemasonry and it is the only barrier that keeps me from considering to petition joining. I’m not sure I can agree with an analogy of the secrets within a marriage and to a person and any organization. That is one that should transcend all other associations if it is a sound marriage based on a religion where you believe in a supreme being. I was just hoping for a general idea of why there is secrecy. For example… I am a former military member. The reasons for secrecy within the military is obvious as the secrets keep our edge and saves lives while we may have to take others lives. I can’t speak to a fraternity, as I probably would never have been a member had I achieved my degree while attending one campus (which I didn’t as I was serving in the military and attained this from multiple locations).

        I can only come to the following conclusions as to the nature of the secrecy and for the life of me cannot think of any other possibility and I believe others come to this same conclusion and this is why many lodges are seeing a decline in the numbers.

        1. Is there knowledge that is not known outside of Freemasonry that must be protected? (This is the only good case I can come up with for such secrecy given the publicly stated mission of Freemasonry and would definitely be a reason I would want to become one.)
        2. Are there people strategically placed within positions of authority or influence who are Masons that are key in the direction of the societies around the globe? (I would hope this isn’t the case as the world is an absolute mess right now) This in itself does not necessarily have to be viewed as a bad thing, but in a democracy would seem to undermine to some extent the will of a free people if they are purposely kept in the dark about it. Conversely, under a tyranny this would be the best asset of the oppressed trying to become a free people.
        3. The attraction of simply belonging to a ‘secret society’ and whatever emotions that may bring within the members, the same as you mentioned about the pastor and his fraternity involvement.
        4. Any other purposes I can come up with would only be nefarious in nature, and I know some Masons which prevent me from accepting this as a possibility.

        The secrecy may not be helpful to the survival of Freemasonry as time goes on. The lodges in this area have even been trying to recruit via Facebook advertising ‘open houses’ for the Lodges as of late, which kind of surprised me to see that.

        Again… thank you for the response sir.

      • Freemasonry is the science of morality, veiled by allegory, and illustrated using symbols.
        I thought there had to be more to it than that before I joined but it really is just that. I wouldn’t have been unable to join if I were a member of a group that has any intention to undermine our government. The benefits for me have been fellowship and brotherhood. We do not recruit. If someone asks you to join, it is very likely they are not a real Freemason. Brother Bob Franks is 100% correct as we are MEN with the integrity to keep our promise but we also have to earn the title of Master Mason as well as the duties within the lodge.
        I am also married. There are certain things you need to discuss with you wife before you join. If she is feeling uneasy about you joining than maybe it’s not right for you. There are Fraternal organizations for both men and women within the appendant bodies but Freemasonry is for men only.
        You have some really good questions about Freemasonry. The best way to get some answers is to ask one or contact your local Lodge. Web search your Grand Lodge if you don’t know where any are.

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  60. I became severely ill over the past few years and went through a tornado of feelings and emotions comcerning my health. Although I believed in a supreme being, I was still unsure of what i would experience upon taking my last breath.
    This lead me on a wild goose chase for answers, and it seemed every time I thought I had found the answers, more questions would arise. At this moment, I have gained a great undertanding of how the world works, ironically, the things I have learned have been a belief of mine since I was a teenager.
    I have always loved humanity, nature, and all life. I have always enjoyed people watching and never judging, but instead tried to put myself in their position to try and understand what it would feel like, good or bad, to be them, even if just for a moment.
    I was a singer/ songwriter for more than 20 years and after falling ill, I can no longer sing. My entire career I had donated much of my time to helping others without ever expecting anything in return. I have always tried to be the man i wished to see in others, and after learning what I have, it would be an honor to be amongst brothers to participate in creating a better world by helping people better themselves.
    Unfortunately I am afraid that my illness has made my chances of being accepted nearly impossible. I have many masonic brothers in many different states, most are master masons, but after moving to a new location, I know no one who could stand for me. My wedding last November was even performed by a master mason which married my wife and I using a dual flame ceremony. Even though I am not a mason, freemasonry has become an essential part of my life, in fact, it has become my life.

    Sorry for the rant, but I wanted to share my story with brothers. I honor and salute you all for your service to mankind. May the great architect of the universe bless you and your families, and bless you all with good health and long life.
    Ronnie Williams

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      • Okay, I shouldn’t respond like that as brothers already know how we carry ourselves to be upstanding. I’ve learned a great deal from the craft of which I am devoted to eternally. No where have I learned to stand there and receive insulate comments without any means of defending myself or the craft.
        Our ancient brethren kept the craft of stonemasonry a secret because that is how they made a living and most trades back then had to be taught and learned painstakingly. A great sense of brotherhood comes with your colleagues after spending years or decades together. After centuries go by the craft turned to the science of morality and setting a good example in hopes that good men will follow. No you don’t have to be a Freemason to be considered a good man but there is an immediate sense of trust among brothers whether I’ve met them or not because I know by what we all have to follow through to be Master Masons. This means I could give a rats *** if you trust me or my brothers’ intentions. We’ve been doing the best of our ability to lead by example since long before my favorite Freemason, General George Washington, lead us into battle against tyranny and REAL oppression. Not long after he devoted his life to leading us to victory against a brutal totalitarianist, he had to lead again for the sake of no one else had the fortitude to do it, he became our first president.
        Shortly after this country was founded came the federalist and antifederalist which eventually turned into the two party system that George Washington warned us about. He warned us about the power of factions developing because of exactly what is happening. This country is divided by race, religion, and politics. Brothers may not always see eye to eye on these matters which is why its not allowed to be discussed in Lodge. Good thing I’m not in Lodge because I’m discussing it. We may not always agree but I sit in Lodge with brothers from all backgrounds, race’s, religions, political views but we are all brothers and will stand united through all of it. All you conspiracy theorists can’t even conspire together because you don’t even trust each other. All of you libertines are the problem and the reason men with a strong devotion and to family, God, and humanity need to exist. And take a wild guess who will be there after the dust settles (that you libertines sturred up and had to lead you through AGAIN) to pick you up, brush your own dust off and show you how to stop hurting each other and play nice.
        So please humor me with more ridiculous s**t about how we are all wealthy elites with all kinds of power. Believe me. I’m sitting here in my rental apartment on my millions in gold bricks adding to this article because I don’t really have to work tomorrow, at my job, fixing your air conditioner.
        Not only does this world need men with strong morals but we also need good jesters like you conspiracy theorists. Keep them coming because laughing is very good for my health. Thank you for my good health.

  62. From all my reading and research people have made freemasonry seem like a evil thing, but i know people fear what they don’t know, yet i am still intrigue in becoming a member. I am currently trying to go to some socials at a local lodge (KINGSTON,JAMAICA) that a good friend is currently a member in (first degree), i am curious to learn the craft, i am eager to be among fellow like minded brethren, to build friendships that will last a lifetime, to be a part of this great fraternity is an honor i would love to earn, i encourage you mason continue doing the work, so far so good the earth thanks you for your works.

  63. My grandfather was a mason and he did allot of good for others also the shriners saved my brothers life when he needed special medical attention….thanks so much for that!

    Shriners are modern day knights for sure.

    I thought of being one or whether I should be one. So I decided to look it up. This article definitely fills in some blanks.

    Seems like being a mason is for people who need others to get more motivated and have a platform (structure) to do it.

    I don’t think I’m right for this because of the fact I’m non religious and true honour/respect in my mind has nothing to do with religion…this is unexceptable to me and is in the English language in fact a contradiction of what they stand for.Personally if I need an example of a true honorable person I spend time with Japanese people.

    By no way am I aiming these comments as an insult. Keep up the good work. And I pre thank you for backing me in my future good deeds.

    I may not be your brother but you are mine.

    Canada ,Ontario

  64. uhhhh….”master mason” in 4 short years. Laughable, really. Boys with toys, that what the entire order is, including the luciferians. Perverts and idolaters all

  65. Pingback: Filipe Monteiro of Connecticut: Do You Want to Become a Mason? | Filipe Monteiro Connecticut

  66. How to join Freemasonry

    How does one become a Mason?

    This short article will provide the facts without all the bells and whistles. To become a Master Mason you will have to ask a Master Mason, because a Master Mason will never ask you to join Freemasonry. If you know a Mason then this article ends here. Ask him about Freemasonry. Let him know you want to join!

    What if you don’t know a Master Mason? Well, you will have to find a lodge/Master Mason to support you. You can do this by looking in the phone book under one of the following: societies, lodges, Freemasonry, Fraternal organizations, etc., until you find a lodge.

    A little hint: There are differences in lodges… in most cases you will find in the United States of America that there are white lodges and black lodges (Note: In most jurisdictions there are members of different nationalities, and color in attendance). I mention this after a Brother sent me an e-mail who asked to join a Lodge and found out this information the “hard way.”

    No matter which Lodge you call, a BROTHER will help you and guide you to submitting your application. If you prefer to be in one Lodge or the other, ask the Brother. Most African-Americans join lodges known as “Prince Hall” Lodges. I have a section of this website with information on Prince Hall (look to your left).

    What is a petition and what happens when it is submitted?

    Most men do not understand the process of getting membership in a Masonic Lodge. No one is ever invited to become a mason or to join a Masonic Lodge. Though all morally good men would be welcome in any Masonic Lodge, however, the man himself must ask a mason about becoming a member. Once he has done so, he will be given an application (petition) to complete and he has taken the first step. It is then submitted to the local lodge for processing. The lodge will select a committee to investigate the candidate and report its findings. He must receive unanimous approval of the members.

    Having passed the ballot box, the candidate then receives the first of the three degrees which make up the symbolic Lodge. The first degree is the Degree of Entered Apprentice. The second is the Degree of Fellow Craft, the third is the Degree of Master Mason. After he has completed all degrees he is then an accepted member of a great and noble fraternity.

    Qualifications to join Freemasonry?

    Please note: These qualifications are what the webmaster found to be “normal” after visiting several websites. The Jurisdiction in which you apply may add, delete, or re-word the qualifications listed below. We do no attempt to speak for Freemasonry only to help; to ask as a guide.

    Be a man at least 18 years of age (some Jurisdictions 21).
    Believe in a Supreme Being (belief in 1 “God”).
    Live an ethical and moral life.
    Reside in the Jurisdiction you want to apply.
    You MUST ask to join. (No one will ever ask you to join).
    You must submit an application and pay the necessary fees.

    To found the qualifications in your state / country please visit our “” section of this website and click on “Grand Lodges”. or email us :illuminatibrotherhood666@usa.com

  67. This was an interesting article, but in truth, was too “light” on the reasons one should join the Freemasons.

    For perhaps 15 years I have studied, researched and pondered the ancient order of the Freemasons.
    My research has taken me down many avenues, many rabbit holes, most of them enlightening.
    Twice I was “recommended” to join, but twice I felt I could not because:

    1. I could never gain enough truthful knowledge of what the craft is truly about to make a rational judgement

    2. You are required to make a very serious oath at initiation again without first knowing exactly what Freemason is truly about and what you are getting into.

    3. The freemasons I have met have failed to leave me with the impression that they are upright, benevolent, honest and sincere people.

    This latter reason I feel sure many of you will empathise with and regret. Every organisation has
    its problems, every religion too. My first recommendation came from my boss at work and a work colleague who had both joined. My boss was very much a wheeler dealer, no stranger to skulduggery and finding ways to extract expenses and the like. My work colleague was very much a young “Arthur Daley” character, always looking for the next way to make money. By day he worked alongside me as a software developer (at which he was barely average) and by night he was a bookie at a dog racing track with his brown attaché case and involved in all the usual dog fixing shenanigans. At work, I was the best programmer by a country mile and developed most of the company changing solutions. Nevertheless, when the time came, I was passed over for promotion in place of my colleague. This kind of business corruption was prevalent right across the organisation I worked for. There was always a seam of “old school boy” masons running right through the core and time after time the most inept, useless, poor performing individuals were fast tracked through the system into high level, highly paid management positions.

    It is difficult to approach Freemasonry objectively in the fact of these levels of corruption and of course all the other bad cred it attracts in the media and from conspiracy theorists. The article here is well placed. There is a rather desperate need for the Lodges to root out the evil and corruption that has for so long successfully penetrated their ranks, though whether that is actually possibly now, I am not entirely sure.

    (N.B. I don’t single out Freemasonry here. The Catholic church and other churches and religions are similarly compromised entirely by a seam of people whose behaviours are unacceptable in any civil and upright society).

    Years of my life would pass and then, during a cruise to the Mediterranean, I would find myself on a dining table with 2 masons, one a WM. After getting to know me and hearing my story the WM said to me that I would make an excellent mason. However, when I tried at various times to speak to him and dig into any level of detail all I got were flowery answers and general evasion. The kind of thing you get from fundamental Christians when you start to ask serious questions which they simply can not answer and instead come back with “well all I can tell you is what Jesus means to me in my life” etc.
    I believe my long research here made it difficult for him. I knew a lot about the rituals, true meanings of tracing boards, Pleiades etc etc. What could he do? He is bound by his oath after all.

    So I was again left frustrated, unable to simply determine exactly what Freemasonry represented, involved and entailed, especially at its very heart (rather than the 3 basic outer layers of the onion).

    Nevertheless, over the years I have found that the journey itself, the search for answers, has been the catalyst that has transformed me as a person. I have come to question sincerely who and what I am, to come to know myself. The latin words TEMET NOSCE have become important to me. I now distinguish that which is truly me from that which I originally perceived was me. I am irrevocably changed by the experience and journey. I gave up my 26yr career in IT as a result, wanting to “just be” and have the time
    to live and learn. I retired early, resolving to live off my voluntary redundancy money, to live frugally and simply and more in tune with nature. My research then motored on at pace and the rabbit holes ran deep. My eyes were opened to great secrets hidden in the Bible and in the countless works of sages and philosophers. Secrets which I see equally referenced in other religious tomes such as the Bhagavad Gita and the works of Taoism and Rosicrucianism. Important secrets. Secrets of the Alkahest, the Philosopher’s Stone, Elixir Of Life, call it what you will. The Rosicrucians clearly knew it, wrote about it and presumably had it.

    I find that all around me I have been duped all my life. Carefully brainwashed, kept from the greatest truths, kept ignorant and as a result kept enslaved in the world of cowans, caught in the stupid trap of giving up my life to work, to acquire money to spend on useless things. My eyes are now partially open and I am awake. I begin to see a light that I could not previously have imagined. How or why I have somehow been led to these secrets, this knowledge, I do not know. Perhaps I am simply
    lucky, perhaps it is simply true that if you Seek you will Find?

    I know not. But I am on a path and I must pursue it. I am changed as a person. As the article states, that change has resulted in me giving up lots of my time to help the homeless and rootless people of the city I live in. I cook for them, talk to them, play games with them and give them a shoulder to lean on. I don’t do this out of a sense of guilt or even a sense of civic duty. It is simply a by-product of the person I now am. I (me) don’t matter any more. I can not help but love people, and care for people and seek to help them if they are in need.

    As to Freemasonry. I will always feel a sense of regret for not journeying to find out really what it entails, but Freemasonry itself must answer for its inherent failure to root out and remove the corruption that has pervaded it for so long and which turns people away from it. I am minded here of the art work of Rolf Harris. He was an extremely gifted painter and created some excellent works. Yet would I now consider buying one of his paintings knowing as we do now what his true nature was? No. Absolutely not. One can not separate the one thing from the other. Similarly many people can not separate the true noble and ancient order that was the Freemasons, from the nefarious, globalist elitism that now taints it. It is a tangible problem and one that masons the world over must face up to and act on.

    Meanwhile, I am just a pilgrim on the journey of life, and I shall keep walking and watching and waiting and learning and perhaps in time I shall find the truth . . . . So mote it be !

  68. Haha loved the suggestions and well said!!! I just finished my investigation period and was told everything looks and sounds good and to expect a contact from the secretary!

  69. You shouldn’t join the Freemasons anyway, if you care about your immortal soul. Even if you don’t, they have no secrets – it’s just a group of fat idiots who have empty lives.

  70. I am very disappointed, .after discuss ing the Masonic with someone that I have known for decades, I decided to
    do some research..he claims he belongs to “The Widows Masonic ?” Since his wife is bedridden but very much alive ,is there such a group ? ..He brags about his weekend trips spending a good time at the hampton….In the meantime his wife at home in bed. unable to speak or walk to go to the restroom or feed herself..At times she is left with a person that has to use a walker herself.Please tell me,is there such a group for men whose out there pleasing himself Only..will the wife is very much alive?,Or did just misunderstood?.. By the way,this man is a poor example, he o ly has love & concerns for me,me& me only
    FYI: the kids are not getting along g with him..Son does not speak to him…

    • This is not Masonic activity! In my grand lodge (AF&AM of NC), this would be grounds for a Masonic trial for Unmasonic Conduct, with a maximum penalty of expulsion.
      Many members have a Paid Dues Card, unfortunately, not all are Masons!

    • If being a ‘real man’ includes satanic practice such as sodomy in groups… In masonic practice, the woman (wife) is a front and someone to be controlled. They invented the Eastern Star Hall to squelch some of the sqeeeky wheels.

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    • Interesting you admit it’s a ‘craft’. Exactly what Adam Weishaupt and Albert Pike (general) intended. Hebrew talmudic magic wrapped up in dogmatic symbolism.

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  73. well i was told the masonic lodge is going to vote on me on the 19th of December, 2017, i feel i will get in, but wont know of course till i am told such i look forward to this path i have chosen and can not wait . My prayer is “God, guide me in my ways that are your ways, even if at a lot of times i have not always acted as such, but I know it is your will that guides me more than my own”

  74. I’m very impressed after reading about all this post.I’m interested to be a member of freemansory,I’m currently talking with a Master Grandlodge who is directing me to the Secretary of Grandlodge online.Pls can u help me find out if this is real or scam I don’t want to fall a victim pls.I’m told d Secretary will give me more orientation on d process of becoming a member,pls what kind of question should I ask them to be they are real persons in freemansory and not fake people.Thanks for ur prompt response.My number is 08069341814.

  75. A mason’s rhetoric is as legit as a liar. Feel free to debate me? I’ll bring your own doctrine into the light which you are either ignorant of, or hiding.

    • Friend Paul,
      Freemasonry will not make you popular, increase your business, or give to you the secrets of the hidden masters. It is about improving the self. If you’re not interested, that’s OK, too.

  76. This article was helpful. My grandfathers were both Masons and before I knew that either of them were, one told me that the Masons will never ask anyone to join, “You have to go to them,” he said, not long before he passed away. I did not know why he was talking about Masons, it seemed random. I volunteer at times and enjoy being of service to my community and to my friends. I seek the best ways to improve myself with good core principles and to be of the most service with my life, so I am curious about the Masons. My blog is https://truestrange.com wherein I post (mostly rebroadcast) a number of interesting unusual news events, discoveries and inventions to entertain and educate. Over the years, I have changed what I will share. Guidance on what types of news to repeat and what honorable action dictates we keep to ourselves is my current interest. Thank you for this page.

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