Timothy Grube

TimmahVital Stats

  • Name: Timothy Grube
  • Secret Masonic Nickname: Fitch
  • Occupation: Wood finisher
  • But wants to be a: Historic preservationist
  • Active in: York Rite
  • Attends lodge: Most every week


Why did Tim become a Freemason?

Early in my life, my grandfather was my best friend and my mentor. He taught me many things. In 2003 he died and my life spiraled downward. I decided to become a Freemason because I felt I was lost in society. I didn’t want to live a solitary lifestyle. People are so busy with computers and their smartphones that they really didn’t want to do anything together in person. To them, online gaming was the answer. With this interference, I believe people are losing skills to interact with one another. Freemasonry has taught me many, many things. Learning how to interact with people and being considerate, thoughtful and respecting their beliefs and ideals. While going through the first three degrees of Freemasonry, I realized that the world in which we live is far more interesting and complex than many people think.

Thoughts about Braden 168?

It’s a great place to enjoy yourself. I look forward to going there every Thursday to laugh and learn new things and also to listen to others ideas and opinions.


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