Who’s the Master? Sho’nuff. We’ve got six more.

In what is widely accepted throughout Braden as perhaps our best degree ever, and even gaining critical acclaim from a visiting brother from the Great White North, Braden 168 has raised six new Master Masons in our Spring 2014 degree class.

What made this degree such a thing to behold is not just the excellent work the brothers put into it, but that the entire lodge breathed family.


Three generations of masons


Three generations of Masons were on hand as a great-grandfather assisted in the raising of his grandson, Jake, who was actually led through the degree by his father, our Senior Deacon, Jeff Koltveit.


Worshipful Brother Andy Harvego (left) and newly raised brother, Jason (purple shirt), with Jason’s father, and husband, Mark.

Jason, now a fifth generation Mason, was raised with the assistance of his husband, but in particularly sneaky fashion, his father was flown in from Canada to help bring his son to light. Enjoying his stay, he did Braden the great honor of a compliment. He had been to lodges all across Canada and America, and this was the best third degree work he has ever seen. Thank you, brother!

Tony, Chris, Luke, Dan, Jake, and Jason. Welcome, Brothers!

Tony, Chris, Luke, Dan, Jake, and Jason. Welcome, Brothers!

Other brothers were also following in the footsteps of their relatives, and some were taking that step toward lifelong light without family present, but none were truly alone because each one has about five million new brothers wishing them well.


And as we do after most Master Mason degrees, the boys take their new brothers to the Glockenspiel, where the drinks flow easy, their money’s no good, and the waitstaff won’t let you waste your money on cheap booze.

Raising six masons is long, thirsty work. Mark and Jason were thinking of skipping it all together, but Jason’s dad stopped them. “Of course we’re going! It’s a tradition!”

We really liked that guy.



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