Fundraising: Braden Style

It’s said you can determine the personality of a group by the way they raise money…

Ok, no one says that, but it’s probably true, and we dig pizza, beer, and bowling. So to raise money for our scholarship fund, which actually gives out honest-to-goodness money to people, we’re having a family-friendly bowling outting. $25 for adults, kids are free. It gets you a lane, shoes, and pizza for two hours. Not too bad.

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Who’s the Master? Sho’nuff. We’ve got six more.

In what is widely accepted throughout Braden as perhaps our best degree ever, and even gaining critical acclaim from a visiting brother from the Great White North, Braden 168 has raised six new Master Masons in our Spring 2014 degree class.

What made this degree such a thing to behold is not just the excellent work the brothers put into it, but that the entire lodge breathed family.


Three generations of masons


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Braden blogger opens Stones ‘n’ Bones

stonesnbones1Braden 168’s featured blogger, Matt Gallagher, has set up shop on his own page. Each Thursday Matt will continue posting here, but for further thoughts and reflections, and a more personal exploration of the Craft, Matt will be posting up a storm at Stones ‘n’ Bones.

Here’s a very angsty excerpt:

Freemasonry should hurt. Not all the time, obviously, but from time to time.

This Craft is intended to get under your skin. It is a way to channel emotion in a way that men can deal with, because we are not historically good at emotion. We aren’t good at grief, or sadness. We aren’t good at not breaking things when we’re angry. And we’re really not good at feeling pain.

For more, please follow Stones ‘n’ Bones.