Relevant Masonry Internet Lecture Series

Freemasonry isn’t just found in lodges. Things that Freemasons discuss, shrouded in allegory and symbolism, are sometimes more relevant to people when stated more plainly in other walks of life. Esoteric Freemasonry and the practice of the Craft is a discipline that, itself, focuses the mind, body, and soul, but the lessons themselves are universal. We’re starting an ongoing project at Braden 168 to collect some of the most clear and plainspoken truths about living a Masonic life from Masons and non-Masons alike. Check out our new page, under the Projects tab, for two short, great lectures; one by Freemason and raconteur, Brett McKay, and one by Adam Carolla.


Fundraising: Braden Style

It’s said you can determine the personality of a group by the way they raise money…

Ok, no one says that, but it’s probably true, and we dig pizza, beer, and bowling. So to raise money for our scholarship fund, which actually gives out honest-to-goodness money to people, we’re having a family-friendly bowling outting. $25 for adults, kids are free. It gets you a lane, shoes, and pizza for two hours. Not too bad.

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Trust and the Green-Eyed Ladies: Why Even Jealous Wives Need to Send Their Men to Lodge

Masonry affects family. There’s no doubt about it. You can’t give the paterfamilias in your brood a get-out-of-the-house-free card andredditwife not have that affect every other little things. He’s not there to dry dishes. He’s not there to help get the kids to bed. He’s not there to feed you peeled grapes and give you foot rubs (because he’d totally be doing that if he was home, amirite?). For some wives and families that’s just one day per month. For others, at least once per week. Some masons have left home for their initiation and have never been seen, nor heard from again.

…well, maybe not that last one, but still.

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