Socrates Cafe

– Discussion Group

The fourth Thursday of every month we host a philosophical round-table discussion on a topic usually related to some aspect of being a man. It’s a spirited discussion with great attendance, and non-Mason’s are always welcome to join in!

Are You a Mason?

– Three-Act Stage Play

Our lodge is blessed with some of the most creative Masons in the state, who work in a variety of industries. We have professional writers, actors, directors, etc. We are currently adapting a 1901 3-act stage play titled “Are You a Mason?” for a more modern retelling. When the script is completed, casting will begin, and we hope it will be a great promotion of Freemasonry to the general public, and a winner for Braden Lodge.

The Sons of the Desert!

– Nothing But Trouble, Oasis No. 309

Dedicated to comedy in all it’s forms, fellowship, and honoring the great films of Laurel & Hardy, many of the brothers have started our own, officially chartered, Sons of the Desert tent! With public film viewings on any fifth Friday of a month, we don our fezzes to honor the greats!

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We’re thinking of lots of crazy junk to do. Just ask!