The Lodge: The only place I can find harmony

I write for another blog in the Twin Cities where I’m engaging in a discussion with others about the politics so frequently injected in our religious services of my particular house of worship.

It’s very possible that politics is inseparable from religion, but the experience of it so completely puts into focus the tenants of Freemasonry.

In lodge we have three rules: No religion. No politics. No women.

Is it because there’s anything wrong with these three things? Not at all. They make life worth living. But they are also the causes of pretty much every war in history. And while you may not be able to separate these things from each other, you can certainly separate yourself from these things. For at least one evening each week.

It brings harmony.

This isn’t to say that Lodge is one big hugfest. We get into disagreements. Everyone has ego, even masons. But through it all, if done right and done well, there is harmony.

And truly, its the one place, besides my own home, where I can go and feel brotherly love and harmony, even with people whom I might disagree.